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A big loss for the Calgary Flames…

 You will be missed Kipper…

For the past 9 seasons Kipper was the Calgary Flames.  He saved more than pucks he saved the team in 2004.  He was so good no one was looking at the rest of the team, good luck Flames.

I would like to also mention other players that were on the Calgary Flames that I think brought this team to the next level.  I liked Joe Nieuwendyk he was a leader that showed by example and he proved his leadership in Calgary, Dallas and New Jersey.  He is one of ten players ever to win three Stanley cups in three different cities.  Theo Fleury with his feistiness and heart into the game brought a lot of his teammates to the next level.  I found his coaches allowed him to play his game the way he wanted to play and he wasn’t afraid to hit anyone twice his size.  Size doesn’t matter when you have a heart of gold..  Jarome Iginla was a leader that the Flames wouldn’t let loose like they should have.  I liked it when he got mad and took over the game but the Flames coaching staff would not allow him to be who he was. He could have brought the team to the next level but was held back.  I don’t like the way he left this city but I’m not going to hold that against a great player that could have been a better leader if he was allowed.

Now for Mr. Brian Burke, do you remember the night I stood up to you in the season ticket holder meeting to save the Flames in this City, you tried to tell me to sit down in front of all those people and I let you know that I have the floor and you sit down.  You didn’t like what I had to say, sometimes you have to just shut up and listen.  You don’t want to wait until you make a mistake to learn from it.  One more thing Mr. Burke, welcome to Calgary.

Again Kipper you’re going to be missed BIG time in this City, no worries buddy, I’m back…

Pete Montgomery from




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